Arrowchem Lotoxane Solvent Cleaner (MIL PRF 680c Type II)

Lotoxone solvent cleaner family is developed by Arrow Chemicals as an alternative to ozone layer and chlorinated solvents which are harmful to worker health. Products with a wide range of industrial applications are aviation approvals and NATO codes.




  • Removes residues of oils, greases and machine coolant from machined parts, castings, panels and electrical/electronic components
  • Refined formulation will not damage sensitive equipment or components
  • Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and is not classified as flammable, flash point 62°C
  • Designed to provide a versatile degreasing solution for all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs
  • Widely approved for sensitive aerospace applications
  • Virtually odourless
  • MIL PRF 680c Type II


Pack Sizes

  • 500ml trigger
  • 500ml aerosol
  • 85 wipes
  • 5lt
  • 20lt
  • 210lt
  • 1000lt IBC


Accreditations & Registrations

  • Rolls Royce CSS255 Type A,B,D
  • Rolls Royce OMAT 1/257G
  • Airbus CML ABR 9-0140
  • Airbus AIPI 09-01-002 (Non-aqueous cleaning agents)
  • Boeing D6-17487 Revision L
  • South African Airways
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025037 (500ml aerosol)
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025036 (500ml trigger)
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025033 (5ltr)
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025034 (20ltr)
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/007369 (30ltr)
  • Rail Cat Approval 007/025035 (210ltr)
  • MIL PRF 680c Type II
  • BAE R10 6026 (cleaning – cold solvent – general purpose)
  • BAE R10-6027 (cleaning – cold solvent – critical application
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Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)PD-680 Type II De-Greaser Solvent (MIL-PRF-680 TYPE II)