NYCO Grease GN 3058

NYCO GREASE GN 3058 is a white lithium complex thickened synthetic grease designed to operate in salty and humid environment in a very wide temperature range going from -54°C to +175°C.



Product Description

Nyco Grease GN 3058 is a lithium complex thickened synthetic grease. It demonstrates high load carrying capability and good resistance to water wash-out and offers a very good protection from corrosion even in presence of salt water. It can be used from -54 to +175°C.


  • Wheel bearings of civil aircraft exposed to high load and high temperature during braking, as well as corrosive runaway de-icing fluids
  • Landing gears
  • In process of replacing Nyco Grease GN 22 for wheel bearings

Key Attributes

  • High load carrying capabilities
  • Outstanding resistance to water washout and to high temperatures
  • Very good protection against corrosion even in the presence of salt water.

Additional information


SAE AMS 3058
AIRBUS AIMS-09-06-003
Airbus CML ref. 03GCC1



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Nyco Grease GN 3058Nyco Grease GN 3058