Shell Spirax S2 ALS 90

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Shell Spirax S2 ALS 90 oil is blended for use in a wide variety of automotive axle units with limited slip differentials.





  • High quality, GL-5 axle oil for limited slip differentials
  • Specially selected additives impart good anti wear and anti rust characteristics, oxidation and thermal stability




  • Suitable for use in moderate to heavy loaded gear sets that allow use of a friction modified, hypoid gear oil
  • Ideal for heavy duty vehicles such as construction machines or buses and passenger cars fitted with limited slip differentials
Type of Product : Transmission and Hydraulic Fluid
Model No : Spirax S2 ALS 90
Grade: A1P5
Product Code: 550027905


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General Services Specification: DU32149
Pratt & Whitney Canada Specification: PWC11-003D
US Military Specification: MIL-PRF-85704C

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