Three-Axis Glue Dispenser

SZD-300 Model Three-Axis Glue Dispenser


Model: SZD-300

Applications: Capacitor, power supply, transformers, ignition coil, ballast, inductance coil, circuit

Suitable Material: Two-component liquid , Silicon, Epoxy , Polyurethane


1. It is a fully automatic liquid controlling system with auto metering and movement;

2. Precise gluing .

3. Precise movement with high speed and easy adjustment;

4. Can be universally used for different products such as LED,electronic ,crafts and so on.

5. Easy program and operation;

6. Memory function, non-regular mode;

7.More functions can be customized to meet up with customer’s requirement.

Main Configuration

1.Three-axis robotic arm

Optional Configuration



Sales Support

1.Warranty: 1 year

2.Maintenance for life

3.Monthly Training

Technical Data

Working Area: 400*400*30mm,Customization is available based on clients requirement.

Running Path: Machine can make dot, circle, pulse signal etc.

Moving Speed: 0-300mm/s

Repeatability: ±1%

Gluing Speed: 5-100g/5s adjustable

Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Power Input: AC220V 50-60Hz

Dimension: 700*600*500mm

Weight: 50KG Roughly

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