Aircraft Engine Lubrication

Lubrication, preventing the wear caused by the movement of the moving parts in the motor, preventing the motor from overheating by ensuring circulation in the bearing regions, ensuring the sealing between the metals due to the wetness, accumulation of undesirable substances such as dirt, dust, carbon and water during the circulation and the corrosion sensitive It is used to protect the parts from moisture and oxygen by forming a film layer on the parts. There are many factors in the selection of engine oil. The most important of this factor is the viscosity. High viscosity oil is selected because the aircraft gas turbine and piston engines operate in very high clearances. Specific weight, color, cloud point, pour point, glare and ignition point are the other parameters used in the selection of engine oil. In the years when the internal combustion engines were first used, vegetable oils and animal fats from the plants were used. Due to the fact that Nebati oils contain water and animal fats lose their fluency in low ambient temperatures, these oils have left the synthetic oils produced by chemical methods that protect their fluency under all temperature conditions. This type of oil is used in both gas turbine and piston engines. Lubrication system in the aircraft engine wet and dry are two types.

As Mabayco we are supplying chemicals for lubricating as Aeroshell, Eastman, Nyco, Castrol, Mobil well-known brands.

Most known aviation turbine engine oils are as following;

  • AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 and 560
  • Eastman Turbo Oil (Air BP) 2197 and 2380
  • Mobil Jet Oil II and 254
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