What is glue potting machine ?

Glue potting machine what we call A&B glue potting machine , double liquid potting machine or two-component glue potting machine . It is a fully automatic liquid controlling machine which can be sealed,fixed products with waterproof by dispensing , coating ,potting glue to the surface or internal of products . We normally use two-component glue . Glue potting machine can be worked on irregular graphics including dot , line ,arc , circle and so on . It is mainly use for adhesive , filling, coating and sealing .

Glue potting machine always use two-component liquid what we call AB glue . Glue A is main glue and glue B is curing liquid . Of course it is same with one-component . The most widely used glue in the market are epoxy, polyurethane, silicon and other glue with ratio on 1:1、2:1、5:1、4:3、10:1 .

glue potting machine

Glue Potting machine operating principle

1.Put A&B glue into A&B tanks , Tank A and B are with the function to assure glue in good condition .

2.It is use two metering pumps to precise gluing and make sure glue A&B dispense the corresponding weight evenly .

3. Mixing glue A&B evenly through mixed device and automatically positioning by editing the glue trajectory through corresponding mechanical hand.

4. It is setting the corresponding quantitative glue and program to realize automatically positioning to satisfy the glue process .

Two questions before purchase

1.What’s type of glue do you use ? What’s the base characteristic ?

A)One-component or two-component (A&B glue);

B)What is the AB ratio if two-component.

C) What’s the viscosity and density .

D)How long does it start to curing , and what is the completely curing time .

E)What’s the packing of the glue .

2.What’s the glue process technological requirement ?

A)What is the glue accuracy with each product ?

B)What’s the purpose of gluing ? Filling , sealing ,paste,insulation, moisture proof ?

C)How to glue the product .

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