3M 2525 Scotch

3M™ Performance Flatback Tape 2525 is a reliable tape ideal for splicing and paint masking applications where adhesion in high temperature bake cycles is necessary. This tough tape features a dependable smooth paper backing capable of resisting high temperatures as well as moisture, and can be torn by hand for easy application. It is available in orange for improved visibility.

3M™ Performance Flatback Tape 2525 was designed specifically to be a strong, dependable tape capable of meeting the everyday demands of the most challenging splicing applications, with its orange appearance providing high visibility. Its high tack and holding ability provide easy handling in roll starting and roll closure. It can also be used in paint masking applications where a long, straight paint line is desired. Additionally, this smooth flatback tape features a smooth paper backing that combines strength and heat resistance with consistent unwind and hand-tearability. For high temperature applications, this tape resists temperatures as high as 300°F/149°C for up to one hour.

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